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Did the Lumia Phones Save Nokia?

Last year, we saw the release of the iPhone 5 and Samsung SIII, and we all felt that Nokia needed to pull up their socks and come up with a cell phone which could prove to be threat to the formers. In such a scenario, rumors of Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 handsets were not to be taken lightly. So did the Windows Phone 8 collaboration do Nokia any good, an average Nokia spy would tell you: progress is slow but steady.

Expectations Grow with Time

Stakes were really high for Nokia, as expectations of tech gurus increase with the release of the Lumia phones. Nokia was trying to conjure up magic with the help of Windows; and if said strategy were to fail to acheive the desired results then unfortunately it’d be the market that would dictate the next move for the company. What we're now looking at is a new line of Lumia phones. Nokia did not stop at the 920 and other phones that belong to the same generation. We're now looking at the 620 which also sports Windows Phone 8, so it would appear that all hope is not lost for the firm.

In past few years, Nokia has faced losses worth 3 billion euros, which forced the company to let go off 10,000 odd jobs. Adding to the Finnish company's woes, its share in the smart phone market had been slashed five times following iPhone’s release, from once being the leader in cell phone market was sitting with a mere10 percent share. And while Nokia's comeback is not one that can boast of a bang, we have seen a steady growth in its users. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the Lumia line actually pushed Windows Phone 8 further into the market, so much so that even Samsung's new bendy phone seems to be sporting the OS. Microsoft, similarly, is also busy fighting for its survival, while depending heavily on their software - Windows 8 computing system being carried by the Lumia phones. The two companies have helped scratch each others back in this situation.

Tough Task Ahead

There is going to be lot of activity in the smartphone market in coming weeks, which began with the launch of iPhone 5. We're now looking at a new Samsung SIV which is slated to follow its predecessors footsteps. Things are heating up as smart phone competitors gear up for a month that could be make or break for them. Nokia's interest in the Windows Phone 8 platform also resulted in the HTC 8x. HTC has also announced plans of a new set to hit the market soon. All these Windows Phone 8 devices would not exist if Nokia hadn't taken the first and most prominent step.

The Lumia 920 for exampe boasts of a bigger, brighter screen; a robust camera on both sides; dual-core Qualcomm chips; recognition of voice; Skype calling; radio-technology at short range and maps that are built in for navigational purposes. With suprior specs it's hard to resist Nokia's creations. Of course there's the tiny problem of there not being as many apps as you like, but most users won't have to wait long, considering the gradual progress Nokia is making in terms of popularity.