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Search People by Area Code - MyLife

Are you finding someone? A person? Your old school friend? Your lost co- worker? Or may be a location? 

Well searching for an answer for these questions could be a humongous and frustrating task if you plan to do it manually especially if the end result is void. If you are still in search for anyone, try MyLife.com . It has a powerful search tool that will get you people, relatives, places and anything else you might be looking for. You will get relevant search results for your criteria and you can easily connect with the lost friends behind the famous networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

It is more or less like a social network and it includes a wide range to search people. It provides with a number of options to ease your search and get accurate results. The methods include :
  1. People could be searched conventionally with their first names and last names, while you also have the flexibility to explore alphabetical index provided by MyLife from A to Z
  2. Area Code, it finds the phone by area code.
  3. You can also look people up by zip code. MyLife has a huge umber of zip directories to make a person easier to be found.
  4. Congregations, where you can search for location address of the churches in America based on the states or look it up by name. You can explore and discover many churches by searching them based on city or province.
  5. Finding your old school is also based on finding Congregation method. With this feature you can look up for your alumini or old school friends. A huge number of more than 200 is provided for cities you can search inot to get accurate results. You can explore by sates or provinces in Canada and US including U.S. Territories, and the Armed Forces
With awesome search query techniques, MyLife is the simplest tool to look for a person you know the area code then you can locate a person. You can easily find your friends and also can see who went through your profile.


To have a quick search for people or places MyLife is the best site to logon to . It neatly simplify search and with the reverse search feature it tells you who was looking for you. This technique makes people connect to each other beautifully and quickly.