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Do you want to expand your business and have your services on cloud? Well Pertino is offering the same, it has recently launched service for Small businesses to go online and create a network which works on cloud.

The security of your data will be well guarded as Pertino uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) to ensure secure network of your business. With the advent of cloud technology, Pertino will enable to connect your business globally by integrating its software in AWS data centers around the world.

To Log on and move to your network, customers need to give their credentials in a login window after which the data plane will route them to their dedicated network. In the network people can share files, use remote desktop service, etc. The SDN (Software Defined Networking) module will manage all the spin-up and spin-down networks.

In a broader way, SDN defines how software is abstracting and separating the elements of a network built on hardware as well as explaining the processes across the enterprise market. The hardware costs have come down drastically mainly because customers are opting for software services which are cheaper, feasible and have lower overhead costs. In a layman terms it is like downloading a game over the internet rather than going to market and buying an actual game CD. is still in its beta version and has installed its software globally across various locations. If we go back to the past and have a peek into three years ago we will realize that there were not as many data operations as there are today, this moreover tell us the rise of the cloud technology. For past two years AWS has seen many new data centers of its own in cities of Sydney, Tokyo, Sao Paolo and the Pacific Northwest. The datacenters are global and are expanding. Africa is still is an exception due to limited infrastructure. Pertino is adding new data centers to its list and expanding its network by planning to approach more services apart from AWS.

One can clearly see Pertino as one of the rising SDN companies. Companies like Citrix, VMware’s Big Switch networks and Nicira are also serving the big enterprise market. These companies mainly use customers corporate data centers to build on the SDN infrastructure but Pertino uses cloud technology to do the same focusing on small businesses. Further, Pertino also offers the service free for organizations with three people and with three devices. For a number more than three, the service for each person costs at $10 per person. Aerohive and Meraki, acquired by Cisco, offer cloud networking but through Wi-Fi access points and controllers.

As the company is growing it has quite a few limitations, as of now Pertino works on Windows 7 and lacks mobile support. The company executives plan to expand the compatibility with other devices this year.

Pertino, thus is working in correct direction of accepting the disruptive technology which will soon replace hardware costs to the Software service over cloud.

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