Travel to Paradise with Dell Venue 8 Pro

Let me tell you about another momentous journey I had with Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. I had planned on a vacation to Coorg and also had planned to cut down my gadgets to minimal and fill my bag with holiday stuff including a pair of boots, an umbrella, extra shirts and flip flops. Well! DV8P played an excellent innings in the entire journey and I will take you through my excursion.

First of all I had a hard time deciding whether to ditch my digital camera or not. The final decision to not carry the camera was proved extremely good as DV8P tablet made my journey a memorable with a number of high quality decent pictures to cherish forever. So, I made my lightest package with Dell Venue Pro 8 as the only gadget apart from my mobile phone. Also, for the trip and with the intention of a lighter baggage I bought Dell Folio cover in order to avoid keeping a hefty case for the tab.

It was a five day trip which began with a bus journey of sixteen hours, I killed my time watching movies, revising strategies of Game of Thrones, reading books, playing chess with random people over the internet and responding to official mails. The 8 inch screen did complete justice to movies and the screen quality made my journey a Bollywood blast! I intentionally did not take external keyboard as I wanted to avoid writing on this trip. Using social networks like twitter, Facebook and some news apps was my other way of spending the spare time.

The tablet has an ability to install WiTopia, so I did not miss the opportunity and went prepared on the trip by installing it on my tablet. On my journey, WiTopia helped me in providing VPN connections in the pool of open Wi-Fi hotspots and I automatically got connected to one of these. There was one glitch I faced when I unintentionally switched off Dell venue 8 Pro and on switching it back, I realized I have lost my mailbox and calendar but to my relief they appeared back on connecting DV8P to internet.

There came an instance in a hotel when all the television channels were showing almost nothing which was of any interest to me. I wanted to connect DV8P to the TV set, hence this was a time when I missed HDMI port desperately.

To keep a long story short, it was more of a delight to travel with DV8P, and I am sure to make sure I have packed the tab on almost every trip. It not only minimized the baggage weight but also it minimized my tensions to keep a number of gadgets for a number of things particularly when I do not expect myself to be loaded with lots of work. The cloud service, SkyDrive made my trip pretty easy, as I took a backup of the important stuff which I might need during the trip and avoid crying havoc at the last moment.

When I look at the pictures taken by DV8P I realized that camera captured so much of the serene beauty of Coorg in a such soothing way that the waterfalls, the mist, the skyline, rains, streets, us and the entire Coorg have come to existence again and I am reliving the heavenly trip!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you found your perfect travel companion in the Dell Tab :) Do share some pics of Coorg, planning a trip there soon

    1. Hi Kiran,

      You can find them @




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