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Adfilic's Power Bank : Charge Gadgets on the Go

This is an era of smartphone, we all agree, but the batteries of smartphones usually do not last longer. Although we do take a note of carrying chargers with us every time, but this is not an affordable option every time, like if we are travelling, or on a holiday, on a trek or in the woods. Moreover smartphone loses its productivity because we tend to use it more or less like a regular phone in excursions like these.

ADFILIC has come to rescue us and the dead batteries now will no longer be a problem, moreover we can use our tabs and smartphones without losing its productivity. ADFILIC is popularly known for its high quality products and has come up with an external battery. It is a lipstick sized power bank to keep our device functioning for days. The battery is 2600 mAh built with latest PCB board which quickly charges devices avoiding overheating and giving a 100% functioning battery.

Adfilic's Power Bank package includes a three-in-one cable which comprises of Samsung and Apple adapters including 30 pin and lightening. The device shows excellent compatibility with almost all smartphones, thus being a universal charger. Just to mention, it is compatible with devices like iPhone, Google Glass, camcorders, PSP, Galaxy S series, Note series, Nexus, HTC, Nokia, digital cameras, DV recorders and others as well

The small size and light weight of the charger makes it the best option to carry on the move. An Amazon review of the product from customer Tribble reads "I have used other chargers for my phone but this is the first one that allowed me to charge my phone twice. It charged for over six hours which is a lot better than I had expected. Also it keeps my sons electronics going which is a lifesaver during long drives in the car. I think I finally found a charger that does exactly what it is supposed to do which is charge reliably!" This is one of many positive reviews that I have shared; you can yourself look for reviews on Amazon and calculate the productivity of the device. Thus, it is considered as an all-in-one compact charger for many.

When it comes to safety, all the necessary precautions have been taken and regression testing has been done on the device to make it extremely safe for users. The PCB board lets the device charge to 100% without giving it any risk of damage. Along with safety, compatibility and productivity of the device ADFILIC has also added a premium to its product by ensuring customer a 12 month money back guarantee. ADFILIC is thus a proud owner of a cutting edge innovation, providing convenience to its customers by providing solution their little but an extremely difficult problem.

Let us have a look at few reasons as to why we should go ahead with buying ADFILIC’s power bank charger.

  1. You will never have a phone with dead batteries.
  2. No need to carry your charger every time.
  3. It is completely OK even if you forgot to charge your phone before starting for office or a trip.
  4. Fits in your pocket and is extremely lightweight.
  5. No extra cables required for charging your phone.
  6. You can always gift is to your loved ones and show how much you care for them
  7. On placing your order today you get a “No questions asked 12 month money back guarantee”.

So, I have evaluated possible reasons for you to get the power bank and I am sure you will find this an extremely useful product. You have to leave aside your worries of a dead battery phone and enjoy the world as it is.

Get one now for just $19.97 from Amazon and have the force with you on the go. You can also get 40% off , by using the coupon code at amazon checkout: R2FKQI3Y