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Good Communications Equipment Can Make a Difference in Your Business

As technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, communication devices become more efficient for business productivity. Clearer lines, multi-functional phones, faster processing and many other improvements enhance the overall capabilities of employees. Unlike the days of old when a telephone was just a telephone, current communications equipment adds features and abilities that can make a profound difference within your business.

Less Restriction of Placement

Many IP phone systems can utilize Power-over-Ethernet allowing these units to be installed in a variety of locations. As these devices derive power from the very network cable that is attached, the telephone system can be placed in various locations that are void of power. As long as there is a network interface cable connected to a PoE-supported switch, the phone system can be used without hindrance. This is perfect for construction sites or areas that don't have available power sockets.

Built-in Data Switching

A variety of phones are capable of acting as a miniaturized switch providing network connectivity to the device and then allowing a computer system to be plugged in as well. Support of Ethernet RJ45 uplink and downlink connection allows the telephone and the computer system to have network connectivity from a single Ethernet port within an office or other location. This helps reduce the use of cabling as well as assist keeping office areas clear of unsightly cable messes.

For networks that support gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 connections, the use of IP phones does not have to cause a bottleneck. As many of these units support gigabit Ethernet connections, the computer system connected to the phone will operate as normal. For employees that transfer large files or depend on streaming various forms of data to their computer systems, the addition of these communication devices may not decrease performance.

Call Management Capability

Conference calling is an aspect of many businesses allowing multiple individuals to receive the same information without repeating conversations. As many IP phones can handle six or more simultaneous party members, information can be shared with these individuals easily.

Telecommunications is a vital key aspect of any business. Having the right units and system can increase functionality of employees. The more efficient your staff becomes, the more money you can save from lost productivity. Take the time to explore how IP phone systems can benefit your business.