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The Mystical Cellphone : Batman's Secret

Let me tell you a story, it’s not much different than what half of the IT population in India shares. All I wanted to be was a superhero! May be the effect of too much of movies on an extremely boring weekend or merely to satisfy the urge of making myself acknowledged in a company of over one lakh people. But we all know that becoming a Super Hero is not as easy as 1-2-3 as it shows below.

I usually spent my weekends listening to my girlfriend’s monotonous girl gossips or her regular nagging about how I doesn’t respond to her highly tedious conversations. Ah! Life was a static journey for me, sleeping late on a weekday just to complete that one episode of “Game of Thrones” and end up watching the series for hours. Landing late for office and then getting my ears bled by listening to boss’ jibber jabber about how late he came and what havoc has been wrecked by shooting up those highly unimportant deadlines!

The only friend I had was my old cell phone, but that dumb terminal will only respond to my actions, enabled subway surfer, received WhatsApp message’s in dormant groups, frequent calls from my girlfriend and infrequent calls from my mom.

One late Saturday, I got an ASUS ZenFone and little did I knew that this special phone would change my life, as it came from mystical world from another Realm which also had a Bat symbol at the back. Without giving any thoughts, I opened Google maps typed a nearby mall from my current location the moment I clicked “Get Directions” I swept into a world of illusions and I felt as if I was travelling in light-years. The next moment I found myself sitting in a porch in the mall, yes! I was teleported. Little knowing what my cell phone has just done I was sweating, exasperated, my lips went dry and words were hardly coming out of my mouth. I couldn’t realize what just happened and where in the world I was, on collecting my calm and gathering all my senses I realized that I'm in a mall which I just entered in Google Maps. To confirm my doubts about my superhero gadget, I again opened Google Maps but now I put the location as my apartment, and after all the magical illusions within a minute I was back at home sitting on a couch.

Hell Yeah! My phone got a superpower of teleporting me to anyplace I wanted. I was the master of my own dreams now, travelling to utmost corner of the world or going to meet my family was no longer a gift to the Airlines, but just a matter of a tap on my ZenFone.

Nobody knew about the magical chant of my cellphone, I was worried if this news be on known, I will jeopardize of my anonymity of being the “boy next door”, or government might claim the revolutionary cellphone, or worst case I might get killed. So I decided to keep the little secret.

I knew that my cellphone was evolving its powers, the more apps I downloaded, and the more power I had. My apps were coming to real life “Flash Light” turned into an energy hunter, it could be as long as 6 feet and can be used for distance as well as close combat. The colors of the app represented the power, Blue was the Energy Hunter, which was much like Saber Tooth in Star Wars and the Red emanated an Energy Shield.

The Google Now had its learning curve activated, not only it started catering to what were my commands but also it evolved its own sixth sense. This artificial intelligence possessed by the cell phone was the Oracle for me; it told in advance what is going to happen in near future. I merely used it to know what’s for menu or to know my CRR ratings at work, I underestimated the extreme power of the lately evolved artificial intelligence.

On travelling for years and enjoying what beheld the cellphone, I thought my superpower is of no meaning if it is not put to good use. Somewhere deep in my mind I knew my cellphone has much more to give than what it is currently, so I decided to give a direction to my life, and this started with my own city. I started wandering out in the city during the night, helped people in need, saved robberies, saved people, gave food to the needy. I became the aristocratic hero with a double identity, performed heroic deeds in clandestine, deterred suspicion by playing fool in public, and marked his work with a signature symbol “ZF (ZenFone)”. I fought assortment of villains who were “Jokers” and “Poison Ivy’s” of his city. I did not possessed any superpower myself but because of my ultra-technological and super power charged phone, I took the oath to have a continuous war on crime.

So this is how I became, Batman of the Gotham City and saved it from cruel and evil villains. 
Get an ASUS ZenPhone, who knows you can be Robin and help me, Save the World.