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Testify : Edit, Share & Engage with Fast Growing Video Community

Testify is one of the first apps in the world which lets you record, edit, share and explore 30 second videos by others. The app is released on Android Google play and already has 40000 users from all over the world. You can download the app from here.

The features of this app includes adding filters to videos, trimming, fast forwarding, slow motion, adding subtitles, adding cool stickers and discovering videos from other users. There aren’t many apps out there in the play store which provide you all these features together.

The founders of this app, Garima Juneja & Gaurav Mishra have previously founded and running a profitable digital marketing company, Viral curry since couple of years. They recently raised seed funds to create this innovative application owing to the increasing smartphone penetration and so-cial media time of audience.

The team says they created this app when they wanted to edit and view short reviews of restau-rants and apparel brands around them. They searched youtube and got videos that were too long. They also found a need for such an app when their media clients and friends asked them to go and record videos of the brand’s clients, add subtitles etc and then make small 30 second - 1 minute videos and post on social media.

Things you can do on Testify:

  1. Trim your video
  2. Fast forward your video
  3. Slow motion your video
  4. Add subtitles to your videos
  5. Add stickers to your videos
  6. Rotate, mute your videos
  7. Follow other people, like, share, comment on their videos
  8. Explore popular videos from a fast growing community
  9. Share videos from within the app to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube.
There is a lot of scope for fun and value in the features that are provided in the app because people can create video chains of things, cultures, scenes and people all around the world on the same theme.

The app revolutionises the way the world communicates with each other on same topics. If some-one in Paris records a video for support towards Floods in India, people from London, New York, Russia, and any other country can contribute their videos in a fluent manner and get famous fast.


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  7. Great place to see what everyone's doing