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Change the "Manufactured and Supported by" section Details and Logo

Many system manufacturers ( Dell, HP etc. ) change the look of System Property Window by adding their own logo and manufactured and supported by section . You can change the logo and information with custom info by following the tweak below.

To begin, first verify the registration details of your Windows computer. For Windows XP and Windows Vista click on Start and right-click on My Computer (just Computer). You will see the screen shown below ( Some fields blurred for security issues ). After applying this tweak the System windows will look somewhat like this ( Observe the changes ) :

Steps :

(1) Open System32 folder ( Generally "C:\windows\system32" )
(2) Find a file called "oeminfo.ini". Make a backup of this file and save a copy in a safe place. If your computer doesn't have this file, you can create a new one. Just follow the example below.

Open the oeminfo.ini ( or create one using notepad ) file by double-clicking on it. You'll see a list of items that looks something like this:

Manufacturer= ABC Mfg.
Model= ABC 4000

[support information]
Line1 = "Support Information Here"
Line2 = Call somebody other than us. Tech support is expensive!
Line3 = Seriously.
Line4 = We mean it!

(3) Change the information after the = sign with what you want. If you're creating a new oeminfo.inf file, just follow this format.

(4) Perform a Save As, and save the file as a .ini file (replace the oeminfo.ini file in the system folder).

(5) To change the logo create a BMP file with dimensions 180x114 or less and save it as "OEMLOGO.BMP" in the SYSTEM32 directory and you're all set. Overwrite this file it it already exists. Reopen the System Property windows to see the changes.