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BSNL Dataone Tweak - Connection Dropping, Speed & Timeout Issues

I have BSNL Dataone connection at home and really I was not impressed with it. The main points of dissatisfaction were :

(1) Poor speed
(2) Some sites don't open, for no reason what so ever. They fail to resolve DNS or there is a connection timeout.
(3) Frequent Disconnections

After working a lot, I devised a way to deal with all these problem and guess what it worked like a charm after tweaking my modem settings. Even if you are satisfied with your connection try this tweak, you would love it.

Steps :

Try Bridge Mode. don't use PPPoE mode. Here is how to change your modem settings.

1. In Internet Explorer type
2. Give user name and password (By default username: admin password:admin)
3. Select Bridge Mode from the settings ( The location of this setting would depend on your modem and you would have to find it. I found the setting in WAN settings as shown in screen shot. If you don't find such a option try finding link to quick wizard and select Bridge Mode. You might also find it under Interface Setup > Internet > Encapsulation = Bridge Mode )

( Click the image to enlarge it )
4. Restart your modem.

Steps for Creating Dialer :

After you finished with the above steps proceed with the steps below to create a dialer to broadband. Believe me all this hardwork will pay :)

1 .In Windows XP select Start Run
2. Type ncpa.cpl
3. It will open Network Connections Window
4. In the left side select Create New Connection
5. Network Connection Wizard will open and click next
6. Select Connect to Internet( By default selected) and click next
7. Select setup My Connection Manually and click next
8. Select second option ( Connect using broadband connection that requires user name and password) and click next button
9. Set the ISP Name for example Dataone
10. Give ur Broadband user id and password and click next
11. Finish
12. Dial Ur Connection to connect internet.

Enjoy high speed without frequent net disconnections and connection timeouts.

If you face any problem or any suggestion, drop in your comment.