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Enable Auto Reply in Gtalk when Away

Google Talk lets you chat with your friends wherever they are in the world. Anyway, if you are not at your desktop, in front of your computer and your friends try to contact you because they see your state as available, you won’t be able to reply them. So how to solve this puzzle? Let’s see how to add autoreply features in your Google Talk and automatically inform your contacts with a message that you are away from your PC.

Gtalk Autoreply is a freeware utility, a windows utility to set an auto reply for Google Talk. It is sufficent to download the application from the official website, run setup.exe, run Gtalk Autoreply,enter your Username, Password and Message and activate it to have an automatic answering machine for your Google Talk at no cost!.

How to send Autoreply in Gtalk ?

  1. To send Autoreply in Gtalk we need a software called Gtalk Autoreply
  2. Run “Gtalk Autoreply” and enter your username, password and your message to send autoreply and click Save and enable Autoreply
So when ever some of your friend pings you on gtalk and you are away or cant respond this small app will auto respond to your gtalk friend with the custom text you had set, like the one shown below.

I personally don't use this software as it appends a link to the autoreply message. This software is open source, so you might try to dig into the code and remove this link :) I use a plugin for pidgin for the same task, and I love that !