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Tricks and Tips for BSNL Night Unlimited Plan Usage

I know most of the Indians use BSNL limited Broadband Internet and due to the excess downloads their download limit exceeds, resulting in a huge bill.

So here is a trick that you would seriously love. This will actually schedule your downloads during your unlimited download period and hence a huge save on bills. You just need to install a software and keep your PC in standby mode and go to SLEEP !

1. Download "Broadband Helper Utility" and install the software.

2. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Broadband" folder and run Autoconfig.exe and click on Start button. You will meet a window like this :

3. Click on save button ( This will save the script as test.script in the same folder ).
4. Rename the file test.script to Broadband.script ( Delete old Broadband.script file ).
5. Run Broadband.exe ( It will pop up in system tray ).
6. Goto the modem tab.
7. Click on Test button ( after a few seconds you will meet DONE/FAIL )
8. If you see DONE then, just configure the times at which you want reboots (don't forgot to check "use modem reboot service").
9. Schedule a reboot after two minutes and notice the result.
10. Check the log file after reboot.

Configuration for the software :

Under NIC Tab.
  • Enable NIC at 02:010
  • Disable NIC at 07:50
  • Use NIC Enable/Disable service.
Under Modem Tab.
  • Reboots at 02:03, 02:10, 02:15, 07:55... ( Set by default, you can add your own timings )
  • Use Modem Reboot service.
  • Sound on....
Under Connectivity Tab.
  • Use connectivity service....
Under Misc Tab.
  • Shutdown during 07:00-07:55 (checked)
  • Launch uTorrent at 02:16.
Lastly, before going to sleep click on "Disable NIC Now" under NIC tab. Hope you loved this :)