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5 Ridiculous iPhone Apps

While we know that there are many cool, useful apps for the iPhone, there are also many that make you wonder if Apple has hired monkeys in their App Store monitoring department. Here’s our list of some of the most ridiculous iPhone Apps that came to existence.

I Am Rich – This app created waves of controversy when it was being sold at the iTunes App Store for a ridiculous asking price of Rs. 46,500 ($999). The poor, unsuspecting (yet stupid) users who actually went ahead with the purchase were shocked to see that when the app opened, the only thing they could see is a red gem with a motivational statement written below. We all know for sure who is a few thousand dollars richer now, don’t we Mr. App developer?

iFart – Possibly one of the dumbest apps in the store, this one-dollar software generates a fart sound at the touch of your finger. The only utility this app could possibly serve is a few giggles for the first few times you use it. But apparently, 13,000 people seem to have thought of other constructive ways to use it, thus actually putting it at the No. 1 position at the App Store at one point. Let it “R.I.P”, we say!

Enigma Clock – This app uses a unique algorithm to display time as a mathematical riddle. When living in this fast-paced world is already too tiring for many, who in their right mind would want to use a considerable part of their brain just to tell time?

Hold On – This app presents you with a button. The task is to keep your finger on this button for as long as you can. After which it gives you detailed reports regarding your progress. No thanks, we’d rather waste our time by listening to Britney Spears’ records all day long!

Alarm Free – Aimed as a self-defense application, it has a large button on the screen which when pressed, emits a faint beeping sound via the iPhone’s speakers. Aside from the fact that nobody would actually hear your phone’s cry for your rescue, why wouldn’t the robber make away with your iPhone instead of your money?