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World’s First Touch-Sensitive Mouse: ‘Apple’s Magic Mouse’

Recently, as part of a major overhaul of its computer products line-up, Apple introduced the world’s first touch-sensitive mouse, called the ‘Magic Mouse’. Putting an end to the previous Mighty Mouse, the Magic Mouse is a wireless mouse with no mechanical buttons, no scroll wheels and no scroll balls: it works purely on multi-touch interaction. Users can scroll in any direction using multiple fingers, as well as use familiar finger-swipes.

Clicking the left and right buttons apparently offers physical feedback, depressing the entire white polycarbonate surface of the mouse. Those lucky few who got to experience the device say that the mouse moves a little when scrolling via touch.

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We’re sure glad that the mouse has the ever elusive ‘right-click’ that Mac were for long averse to. Still, you need to “enable Secondary Click in System Preferences.” The Bluetooth mouse is powered by a set of AA batteries, which will last it for four months life, according to Apple. The Magic Mouse will come packaged with the new iMacs, or can be purchased independently for $69 (Rs. 3,200 approx).Apple also announced a new MacBook, two new iMacs and upgraded the current Mac Mini. The new MacBook is what interests us the most. Apple renovated its lowest-end ‘plastic’ MacBook with a new unibody design that includes the new built-in battery offering up to seven hours of battery life – all for $999 (Rs. 46,400 approx).

Yes that’s right they actually say seven hours !The durable polycarbonate material uses the same techniques as the higher-end aluminium MacBook Pros. Along with a glass multi-touch trackpad, the device features a 13-inch LED-backlit display, 2.2GHz Intel Core2Duo processor, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400GM onboard graphics, 250GB hard drive and 8x SuperDrive.