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5 Unusual & Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Windows is the most used Operating system on earth no matter what you say, it covers 90% of the general market (I don’t want to take any favour) and all those who use it, always try to get their work done faster. So, there you go with 5 unusual shortcuts for windows.

1) Copy content from windows dialog boxes

How many times has your non-techie uncle from far away come across an error dialog box, which he wanted you to look into? Rather than explaining him to do a print screen and all the other rigmarole. You can ask him to click anywhere on the dialog box press Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V into notepad or email

2) Bring up Systems Properties dialog

Wanted to see your system information? Just use Win Key + Pause/Break

3) Bring up File/Folder properties dialog

Select any number of Files or Folders and press Alt + Enter to see the properties.

4) Navigate to your “Home Folder”

Usually by default the “Home Folder” in windows is C:\Documents and Settings\ to go there without navigating the whole way simply go to Start -> Run and type “.”

5) Save time cropping your screenshots

Use Alt + PrtScrn to take a screenshot of only the active window, saving you countless hours of cropping fun.