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10 Golden Rules for using Twitter

These days Twitter has become a part of people's life. Everyone wants to tweet, have large number of followers and follow their favorite celebrities.

Most of the people do not know how to use twitter effectively and efficiently. They just use the service without even knowing the basic things and features included.

Here are a few tips for good twittering. Have a look and if you like them, follow me @shubham_neo :)

1. If you are new to twitter then first learn the basic things about twittering. For example - figure out re-tweets, direct messages and replies. Go to twitter FAQ page here.

2. Do not follow people just to have a 'reciprocal following' because the people which you follow shows your character and nature. Also, you can only follow 2000 people and after that following depends on the following/followers ratio.

3. If you are following celebrities, then do not send too many direct messages and do not retweet all of their tweets. This shows that you are wasting your time.

4. Do not tweet about your daily routine like getting up, going to office and sleeping. Nobody is interested in knowing about it. Rather you should tweet about the things that people want to know about you and are interested in.

5. Make use of hash-tags, this makes your tweets searchable if they are about a common and hot topic.

6. Do not tweet about the things that cannot be publicly said. For example: you just cannot talk about sex, your stolen underwear or anything stupid.

7. Keep a watch on your direct messages and reply if needed.

8. Do not use automatic scripts to increase followers or tweets. They do not help in real time. Keep yourself original!

9. Always keep in mind the basic purpose of twitter - keeping people updated about your activities and things happening around you.

10. Last but not the least, do not tweet spam. Please consider the amount of bandwidth wasted in spamming.