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Free Laptop Offers : The Truth Revealed

Free Laptop Offers : Sounds like a scam, doesn't it? We all know that only the cheese in the mousetrap is free.

If you want something - you will always have to pay for it or at least trade, give something in exchange.

NBC recently interviewed the owner of one of these "Get a Free Laptop" websites.

The website and the website are legit; you can get your laptop from them, the only catch - it is not free.

So why would someone give you a laptop for free. The website owner is being paid a decent amount of money every time a user completes an offer available on the site. The advertiser decides to pay the big buck for every person who completes an offer because at this point the user becomes a potential lifetime client. Would you pay someone 100$ knowing they would spend 1000$ in next 5 years buying your services or products? You sure would! Most of the offers available provide a great value which the user decides to keep, although you could cancel any completed offers at any time.

In order to get a free laptop you need to complete 4-10 offers, many of them are free trials, others cost a buck or two, when signing up for a free laptop - you might actually spend up to 20$ on different offers. It could be 1$... depending which offers you pick.

So it is not completely free - but very close to it, especially considering that you might be interested in keeping most of the offers you sign up for!

In the end it's a win-win-win situation. You get your laptop for free (or almost), the advertiser gets you as a potential client/buyer - heck, even if you cancel the offer (which you could do) you will still be aware of the company and their name will stay in your head - which is the goal of the advertiser. The website owner is also happy because he got paid by the advertiser and he received another testimonial about how to get a free laptop from another client - you!

How to get Free Laptops is in fact not a scam - most of the time. Some websites claim to be giving out laptops and other goodies for free but once you complete the offer you will never hear from the website again, let alone getting your gift. A sure way of getting a "free" laptop is going to a website reviewed by CNN, NBC or any other major and known company. Please make SURE that a websites offers the means of getting in touch with them in case you have any inquiries - if there is no possible way of getting in touch with them - it's pure scam. These sites not only waste your waste your valuable time, they might also be involved in identity theft and/or credit card fraud. When you decide to get a free laptop - make sure the site is legit and actually lives up to its promises.