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Google Follow Finder - Find people you'd like to follow

The market of Twitter apps is getting hotter day by day. It could surprise you a bit but its true, Google has come up with a Twitter app of its own - Follow Finder.

Its a cool new service that suggests you people whom you can follow on twitter.
It seems that Follow Finder suggests you people who are being followed by people you are following. It has a very cool and easy interface as it can be seen in the screenshots below.

One thing that I would like to suggest the Follow Finder team is that - along with the usernames and location of the suggested people they should also put their (twitter profile) bio or the latest tweet (that seems to be useless at that place) can be replaced by the bio of that person.
It will help the people in knowing about the tweeps who are suggested by Follow Finder.

The Follow Finder service is still in Google Labs. Google Labs is a place where Google keeps the services that are still in development but are available for users for normal use, reviews and testing.

So, what are you waiting for, go find whom you'd like to follow on twitter.