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Firefox 4 Announced

Finally, the next version of Firefox has been announced and will be launched in November 2010. Firefox director, Mike Beltzner has announced that it will be released by the end of November.

Mike Beltzner shared a presentation in which he revealed Firefox 4 will support new open, standard Web technologies (HTML5 and beyond!), will be faster and moreover the users will be in full control of their browser.

Mozilla is keen that the next version of Firefox can ensure that it builds on its strong second place to the waning Internet Explorer. Firefox 4 will represent a major overhaul of the browser, a step change by Mozilla in response to rival browsers’ improvements.

Firefox is the only browser which will be implementing HTML5 in true sense as Beltzner stated in his slides “If you have Firefox or a modern web browser that supports fully open HTML video, you can watch the presentation.”

The plans embedded in the slideshow seems great however Beltzner has wrarned several times in his presentation that the plans can change. So, if all goes well, we will be welcoming our beloved Firefox in the coming November.

For now, hold on with Firefox 3.x and check out the slide show below