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Do You Still Feel the Need, The Need for Speed ?

For those racing fanatics out there, the good news is that they have a new NFS game, the bad news here is that it is being developed by EA Black Box together with Slightly Mad Studios, titled NFS Shift.

If you remember, Black Box is who developed NFS Undercover, the last NFS title, which according to us was not up to the mark of a game in the NFS series.

The next piece of great news here is that the title going to be released after NFS Shift, is being developed by Criterion Games, the developers of Burnout Paradise.

EA had already stated in January that they are working on three games: NFS Shift, which should be out in September, NFS Online, which is going to be PC centric, and NFS Nitro, something for the Wii and DS users.

EA’s move of getting Criterion Games is quite a positive new approach, and we are quite certain that they will be working on NFS Online for the PC and not the Wii version first. But we hope that from now on the NFS series does not clash with the Burnout style of racing. Even so, it is going to be a long wait, as this will be out only after NFS Shift, sigh!

Adding to game racing news, Activision has announced a new Hot Wheels game along with Mattel. Hot Wheels is a very popular name amongst kids as they are basically small toy car models, even grown ups should know about this as it has been around for ages. The upcoming game is titled Hot Wheels: Battle Arena 5and is also scheduled to release somewhere in September.

This game will have a Transformers approach, where during intense battles, the cars can transform to get special weapons for use during gameplay.

Along with the game, Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, the animated series will be aired a month prior to the release of the game on Cartoon Network.