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Web 2.0 Crowned the Millionth English Word

Web 2.0 has been claimed to be the world’s millionth word or phrase in the English language by a US based language based monitoring group.

This has brought a lot of distress to linguists around the world as there is no set rules to have this determined.

The monitoring group has come up with this result as they used a math formula to track words that were frequently being used over the internet. They created a list of words which included Web 2.0, Jai Ho, Slumdog, Cloud Computing and even N00b. Out of these, Web 2.0 came up more than 25,000 times in searches across the world and was therefore, awarded the status of the millionth word.

Web 2.0 basically means the next generation of the World Wide Web, it may include upcoming products, technology and services. The word had been coined some time back but has been used in an overdose within the last six months.

The same monitoring group, Global Language Monitor, has calculated that there are about 14.7 new English words or phrases being created daily and pointed out the pace at which the English language is evolving.