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Free Anti Virus from Microsoft : Morro

Microsoft is soon to unveil its latest offering in terms of software. No we are not talking about a new operating system after Windows 7, but instead they are working on a Free Anti Virus for personal computers, codenamed Morro.

Testing of this software is already underway with its own employees and the product is said to compete against antivirus solutions sold by Symantec Corp and McAffee Inc. A trial version or beta version of the application will soon be available to download from their web site but an exact date of when this will happen is yet unknown.

If this free service is successful in what it is meant to do, then it will definitely hurt the sales of low-end similar products offered by Symantec and McAffee.

Morro is supposed to provide basic protection against a wide range of threats such as viruses, spyware, root kits and trojans. A similar product from Microsoft was the Live OneCare suite, which was a major disaster and they are planning to kill the product to come up the free Morro service.

Speculations are that Morro will be a stripped down version of Live OneCare, but we will come to know only once we get our hands on the beta or complete product.