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Be a Pro Sniper using iPhone

Here is a little puzzle. You get your hands on a sniper rifle, with the required ammunition. You are also given an iPhone, and a target to eradicate. Unfortunately, you have no training in ballistics, and you don’t know how the ammo will behave over a long range. How will you eradicate the target?

You are right; it has something to do with the iPhone.

Runaway technologies, has released an iPhone app that gives you all the experience you missed out in sniper training camps you never went to. The app is called Bullet Flight, and this is how it works. You feed in the distance to your target, atmospheric factors like wind speed, air pressure and altitude. The application calculates the trajectory of the bullet and gives you the results. The app comes with three common presets for Sniper rifles, which are just letters and numbers you have to be crazy to recognize. OK, we will throw them out here, the M110, the SR16 and the KAC PDW. If, however your weapon of choice is a different rifle, you can manually configure the application.

Increase the cool factor of your iPhone by purchasing the app from the Apple iTunes app store – for $11 (Rs. 540). The app store is notorious for removing and re-allowing applications at random, so if you want this one; get your hands on it before something develops.