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Photovisi : Create Collage Online with Effects

Photovisi is an online photo collage creation tool. Students can use saved photos or a webcam to add pictures to their collage. The finished result can be downloaded and printed out. Photovisi is exceptionally easy to use and requires absolutely NO sign in or registration! This makes it the ideal online tool in my book. Students can get right in and quickly create a photo collage, add text, and download it. There are several collage templates to choose from, and each template is highly customizable.

You can take all the pictures of Kate Beckinsale that you have and make a super wallpaper, and once your girlfriend walks out on you after seeing that wallpaper you can take all the pictures you have with your girlfriend and make another one to show her she is truly the one and only.

The site will let you pick different configurations, according to the number of photos that you want to blend together, and if you want to keep things simple you can just combine two pictures and away you go. Of course, you are a born showoff, so that you will probably go for the template letting you mix up to 20 photos. In any case, the service is wholly free, so that if you want to see what it’s all about just follow the link at the bottom of this page and you are on your way.

What can you use the application for?

Photovisi gives users an easy way to put together attractive collages using their personal photographs. The site includes numerous features so users can create something that is serious, humorous, or unique. The site offers up four pages full of different collage formats that the user can choose from. While many of these are very appealing, they limit the customizability of the collage to some degree. The process is very simple and ideal for users that have little to no photo editing experience. All the user has to do is pick a collage, upload images, add the photos and download the finished collage. The collage designs include different layouts that feature only the user’s images as well as others with flourishes and additional graphics or background patterns.

What is the history and popularity of the application?

Photovisi was designed by All Creatives, the Manchester web design firm of Michael Strand. The site was built to give users an easy way to put together eye-catching collages using their photographs. The tools included were kept simple so that anyone can easily use them, even a novice with no photo editing experience. Today, Photovisi still provides users with that same level of simplicity so they can be creative and come up with their own collection of collage images.

What are the differences to other applications?

There are many websites out there that will host images, such as PhotoBucket and SnapFish. However Photovisi decided to take a different approach. Rather than hosting images, the site is designed to allow users to enhance their images. Collage is a popular art form that is not only appealing visually but also versatile. Photovisi brings the art of collage to the digital world so users can create their own collages without ruining actual photographs or spending money on materials.

How does the application look and feel to use?

Photovisi invites users with a large image displaying example collages. The examples entice the user to get started on their own collages using Photovisi. The blue color scheme and clean design helps the user focus on their creations. The site keeps a lot of area open so there is no clutter at all. This is definitely a plus because adding too much along with images of collages would probably give the eyes complete visual overload.

How does the registration process work?

A new user can register for Photovisi by clicking on the white “Register” button found along the top of the homepage in the main navigation bar. The registration form is very to the point, asking for a username, date of birth, email address and password. New users should be aware that the form automatically checks the subscribe box for the Photovisi newsletter. This will have to be unchecked to opt out of emails. After entering the information, the user can click the grey “Sign Up!” button at the bottom of the form to finish. The user is advised that they must check their email for a confirmation message that contains an account activation link to finalize registration.

What does it cost to use the application?

Photovisi offers a fun, unique service but it is still lacking in terms of features. The current price, which is free, is ideal for what users can do on the site. That is not to say that Photovisi doesn’t offer something of value. Users can quickly put together an attractive collage using one of many layout templates that they can then share with others. Fun as that may be, it would require a little more to warrant a subscription fee.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Creative individuals or anyone that loves to share photographs can really get into Photovisi. The site offers up many unique template options so users can put together a unique collage using their own images. These can then be downloaded and printed, if the user wants to save their creation.

  1. Free photo collage creator online.
  2. Create as many collages as you like.
  3. Upload images from your computer or Flickr.
  4. Currently 18 collage templates are available.
  5. Option to crop, replace or delete images while creating the collage.
  6. Save created collage to your computer or forward to any emails address.
  7. No registration and free.
The Good

What pleasantly surprised me is that service isn’t merely providing fancy frames. You actually get simple editor functionality to move, layer, scale and rotate frames. This make process actually interesting and results more original and customized for how you want it to be.

The Bad

Earlier the site was a little pushy about free registration, required to access more complex templates and download of images in higher resolutions. But now they have removed this restriction and so no bad for them :) Good Work !


Very nice and easy to use service. Naturally results won’t awe anyone with decent photo editor skills, but would work amazing altogether.