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Super Survey : Change the Way You Ask Questions

SuperSurvey® -- is our online survey creation and deployment system. You can use their Web-based interface to design a survey, invite respondents, and begin tabulating results -- all online, real-time, in an hour or less.

The SuperSurvey® online survey system is a product of Ipathia, Inc. SuperSurvey has been a leader in professional online survey tool since 2001. Their clients range from Fortune-500 firms to independent researchers across the spectrum of industry, government, and academia in the United States and abroad.

Their team is dedicated to enabling the creation of trustworthy, secure, and useful novel knowledge by professionals, through the use of online technology. According to their philosophy, the first great change enabled by the Internet was providing people access to knowledge. At SuperSurvey, they see them driving the next great change enabled by the Internet: providing people with access to the production of knowledge via online surveys.

Their mission is to combine technical expertise, creative thinking, and our vision of providing access to the production of knowledge in order to solve problems for businesses and organizations. The goal of the SuperSurvey product team is to ease the technical "pain" of large-scale survey projects for professional decision-makers. In so doing, however, they maintain the importance of good online survey methodology, which can been seen in their adherence to backwards-compatible and assistive-technology-compatible standards and practices.