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Apple iPod Touch 4G Reviews

The new Pod is sleek and slim and looks stunning, even with the screen off. The facia looks like one plane of black glass - very stylish. Both the 3.5mm jack, and the charger slot now have a slight taper to their periphery, meaning part of the charger and the earphone plug, are visible from the rear, as is a single loudspeaker unit, with a neat, recessed chrome grille.

There are two cameras on the 4G. Both these can be switched between, with a simple onscreen option when the camera is activated. The front camera is a VGA one, whereas the rear one supports a still resolution of 960 x 720 pixels, or video recording at 720i. A resolution of 960 x 640 pixels, while maintaining the same display size of 3.5-inches increases the pixel density. The result is a very crisp display. The sunlight legibility of the display is also surprisingly good. Viewing angles are poor, thanks to the super reflective display.

The newer iPod generates more heat, especially noticeable when charging the device, and while playing games. Battery life also seems to have taken a nosedive. With music playback, battery life is not affected as it is while gaming.

Bass levels are good. There is a good bit of impact and weight that will keep bassheads foot tapping. The slightly recessed midrange seems to cause guitars to lack a bit of sizzle, and this makes guitar solos slightly less emotive and involving.

The highs are pretty extended, and there is good instrument separation. For a price of n9,900, the iPod Touch 4G is a premium PMP with a lot of features. It excels at music, videos and gaming, making it a complete device, and if you can afford to spend this much, we highly recommend it.

  1. OS: iOS 4.0
  2. Display: 3.5-inches, 640x960 pixels, 24-bit color
  3. Weight: 101 grams
  4. Capacity: 8, 32, 64 GB
  5. Wi-Fi: 802.11n
Overall Rating: 8.0/10
  • Features : 9.0
  • Performance : 8.5
  • Build Quality : 8.5
  • Value for money : 7.0