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Get more from your Nokias ( Symbian Phones )

If you are a Nokia fan, you'll be happy to hear that it's possible to eke out much more from your phone than you can at factory settings.

Memory management

The most common cause of slowdowns is the cell phone's internal and external memory being used up. You should always store large files, such as pictures and videos on the external memory, and not on the phone. In order to make it easy to manage your memory, you can use software that takes control of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), smartly analyses the J2ME programs running in the background (including hidden programs) and automatically recovering and allocating memory to boost the overall system performance.

You can download the 'Memory up' tool from http://tinyurl.com/35txmmz.

The Symbian tool

Here’s a short explanation for the buttons you will see when you start up the software, which you can get from http://goodgest.com/kb/symbiantool-installer.exe:
  1. Jubble - Cleans registry, applications, settings and cache memory.
  2. Sterilize (Jubble++) - Cleans registry, applications, settings, index files, cache, maps, widget, personal folders, patches, thumbnails, dictionaries, demos, examples, downloads, games, backup settings.
  3. Regkiller - Quickly cleanup Symbian system registry and remove installed applications
  4. Thumbkiller - Remove image thumbnails and index files
  5. Optimizer - Remove registry invalid links, empty directories, etc.
  6. Quick defrag - Optimize Symbian mass storage file system
  7. Quickbak - Backup multimedia and personal files with a single-click
  8. Quickres - Restore multimedia and personal files with a single-click
  9. Fullbak - Take a backup image of the entire Symbian storage system
  10. Fullres - Restore the backup image of the entire Symbian storage system
  11. Registry backup - Take a backup of the entire Symbian registry
  12. Registry restore - Restore the entire Symbian registry
  13. Full Delete - Permanently removes all traces of data and files from the Symbian storage system
  14. Symfix - It scans the Symbian file system and fixes errors in the file structure
  15. Juck - It allows you to safely disconnect the Symbian USB devices with a single-click
  16. Snoop - A detailed analysis tool
  17. Uninstaller - Completely removes specified application software
Symbian S60 Easter-egg

If you're fed-up of third-party tools, you can try and tweak something yourself. The only pre-requisites you need are: a Nokia cell phone running on Symbian S60 platform.

Back in time
  1. Set the phone's date to: 01.05.2005
  2. Navigate to the Calendar application and create two new to-do's:
  3. Go to Options > New entry > To-do
  4. Now, set the following parameters for each of these to-do's: i) To-do Subject: speed Due date: 04.08.2005 Priority: High ii) To-do Subject: Quokie Due date: 04.08.2005 Priority: Low
  5. Confirm both the to-do notes with "Done". However, leave the calendar application open.
  6. Then choose Options > To-do view, mark "speed" as done and then mark "Quokie" as done.
  7. Now, close the calendar and revert the phone's date back to the present day.
  8. That's it! You are ready to experience the performance boost on your Nokia cell phone. Although, the performance gain might seem to be marginal, you should still feel the difference.