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LG Optimus One Reviews

Among the low/midrange Android devices in the market, the LG Optimus One P500 stands out for its up-to-date as (Froyo), snappy performance, and bundled apps. Built solidly, the 3.2-inch screen has a wide bezel below which lie the Android buttons, with home and return grouped on a single large center button, with options and search beside it on separate buttons. The Android buttons have a solid tactility to them, and the volume rocker and power/lock button, curved, are ergonomically located and provide crispy feedback.

The 600MHz CPU is surprisingly snappy, barely showing any lag even when running several third party and native apps, and this is undoubtedly where the phone's 512MB RAM and Froyo (a much speedier OS) make it shine over most of its competitors, including the Galaxy 3. Slight lag is felt from the moment when one clicks the call button to the time it takes for the calling begin, occurring when plenty of apps are hogging the memory.

It did not drop any calls during our testing. The device earpiece volume was sufficient, but could have been louder. Call clarity is good in both handset and hands-free mode. Slight banding can be seen in certain videos. Both DivX are supported, and in our testing, almost all the videos played flawlessly, except for some stuttering with some AVI files.

Picture sharpness, color accuracy (slight red hue), and noise levels are all quite good for a 3MP camera. Under low light, with no flash onboard, quite a lot of noise is evident.

Only real compromises a buyer has to make for getting Android 2.2 at Rs. 13,000 are the flash less camera and the lack of free Office document editing.


OS: Android 2.2
Screen: 3.2 inches 320 x 480 pixels
Battery: 1500 mAh
Camera: 3MP

Rating : 7.0 / 10

Features 6.5 / 10
Performance 7.0 / 10
Build Quality 7.0 / 10
Value for Money 7.0 / 10