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Nikon D3100 : Entry Level DSLR

The successor to the Nikon D3000 is here, with additional features like a 14MP CMOS sensor, live view mode and full HD recording. Aesthetically the D3100 looks similar to the D3000 as far as the front portion is concerned, but there are a few enhancements. For starters we really like the sturdy rubber grip which lacks the infrared sensor. On the top portion just beside the jog dial, you have a lever to toggle between drive modes. There is a spring loaded lever on the top right hand side of the 3 inch screen, which enters the camera in the live-view mode.

One thing we would have liked is a dedicated button to change ISO levels. On the left hand side there is an additional button which allows you to change the camera settings without having to go into the menu - giving thumbnail size images to put the function in context especially in WB modes - which is nice. Customizable function button below the active flash button does allow you to program it to either one for the four - image size, ISO, white balance or Active D lighting options.

Picture quality is quite good with crisp colors. Outdoor photography in daylight did not throw up any issues. The LCD was viewable in sunlit conditions. Low light performance was quite impressive. Even on pictures taken on ISO 3200, we noticed very little noise - a definite plus.

Focusing is snappy thanks to the focus assist lamp in the front. The HD recording feature was decent. But we like auto-focus while live recording.

The D3100 is priced at Rs. 32,950 (with the 18-55mm lens) which is a very good price for this entry level DSLR.


Sensor: 14MP CMOS sensor
LCD screen: 3 inches TFT LCD
Auto Focus: 11 pt auto focus
ISO: 100 to 3200 (boost upto 12800)
Movie format: MOY, H.264

Rating : 7.0 / 10

Features 7.0 / 10
Performance 7.5 / 10
Build Quality 7.5 / 10
Value for Money 7.0 / 10