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Review of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Thousands of smokers each year choose to quit smoking due to the potential health risks. There is no denying the negative effects smoking has on one's health, however, many smokers find it difficult to quit, not because of the nicotine addiction, but because of the satisfaction they receive from the action of smoking. To satisfy the desire to bring a cigarette to the lips
while still combating the harmful effects of smoking, the electronic cigarette was created.

However, since its inception, numerous e-cigarettes have flooded the market, but only one produces the realistic sensations smokers desire: the Green Smoke electronic cigarette.

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette has the highest review scores when compared to other products, it's highly realistic. The e-cigarette produces one of the strongest and highest quality smoke vapors so much so that other products can't compete. The Green Smoke e-cigarette is able to produce this distinguished smoke vapor and taste because of its unique design which is a patented two-piece system not found with other e-cigarette brands.

Green Smoke's patented systems gives users the opportunity to change the mouth piece between each use to not only create a more hygienic product, but to also prevent musty odors. The system also allows smokers to change the atomizer each time to achieve a great taste and strong vapor each time. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette company also carries a wide variety of e-cig flavors including the popular Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, and Vanilla Dreams.

Not only does the Green Smoke electronic cigarette provide the most realistic smoke vapor, but is also offers the most realistic feel. Green Smoke knows that if an e-cigarette feels bulky or heavy in your mouth, you won't receive the satisfaction you are expecting. To make sure that you are battling the feeling of using a big and cold electronic, the Green Smoke e-cigarette makes sure that its design is both slender and light weight.

The only drawback to the Green Smoke e-cigarette is its price. It is more expensive than other brands and its start up kit generally costs between $109 to $139, however, its quality is unmatched. The more realistic an electronic cigarette is, the more effective it will be in helping someone quit smoking, and no other electronic cigarette produces a more realistic taste and feel than the Green Smoke e-cigarette.