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Gadgets : Reflections of My Personality !

Ever imagined your life without something; something essential? Don’t just keep your options limited to air, water, food and shelter! Apart from these basic needs, many things add up to make the life worth living. Can you even imagine your life without the modern inventions of technology like your mobile phone and laptop? Gadgets of this era have made it to the list of ‘Basic Needs’. When I was a kid, I read somewhere that, without education life is like life without soul. The same applies in case of gadgets; Life without them will be like life without soul.

In the modern era of technology, where tech gadgets are touching the heights of advancements, we human beings are closely connected to them. Now we don’t get bored waiting for someone or when there is load shedding. We can easily keep up with all our friends and relatives or just listen to our favorite song at a click of a button or play some awesome game on our beloved PSP. Gadgets have made our life easier, luxurious, fun filled, exciting, enjoyable and little bit of addicted as well. There have proved to be our best friends.

Not only the gadgets make our life simpler and exciting, they represent what we are, in simpler terms; they are reflections of our personalities!

'Gadgets reflect personalities?' YES, they do.

I'm a Gadget freak and there are various characteristics to my demeanor. Let's dig deep into what my beloved gadgets have to say about me!

The Hardware Junky

If my post right now is being read by a guy, I bet you fantasize driving your favorite car, and if you are a girl you envision yourself dressed up directly from the latest Vogue collection.

If you my friend, are like me you crave for getting hands on Super computer, fancy the number of pixels added to the next version of the iPad, the advent of multi-core processor phones and tablets or the number of increased transistors on the new NVidia graphic card. Well, my ISP (Beam Fiber, HYD) upgraded my 2Mbps plan to 10 Mbps plan for free and it was like the best thing I can ever ask for ;)

My world spins not with actual rotation of earth rather by the updated the versions of my gadgets :P

I will be true enough to accept the fact of ditching my existing device to get an upgraded and a newer version, to fulfill my hunger for POWER!

The Passion Monger

Is your Brand your heartthrob? Be it Mozilla, Google, Dell , Apple I am in love with them, putting their stickers on my gadgets and collecting their goodies is my ardor, and I thus proudly say I am passion monger!

We are well aware of the brand loyalty which Dell enjoys over its competitors, their fans wait in endless queue to purchase a new product hitting the store not even giving a second thought of buying a rival product.

This cult status is achieved by continuous innovation, challenging standards and delivering on promises which is enjoyed by companies like Dell and Apple and I'm a BIG fan of them.

'My College Mate', dressed up with all the Brands I Love !

The Learned One

I'm the tech lion of my peers. I love staying up to date with the latest information and releases and have made my nearest electronics retailer a second home.

Not being too presumptuous, it’s not just my blog who is Techguru,I myself am a Techguru for my friends, relatives and followers, every time they seek advice from me for their next phone, laptop or palm reader, and I am honored to answer them equally enjoying how my forecast turns to be fruitful.

So,next time you have query just ask me, for I will even tell you if it the right time to buy the hardware you are eyeing since the latest version might be announced the previous night ;)

Aren't you glad you asked me!

The Architect

You may consider me a daydreamer, but I put my tenacious effort more towards making a balanced ecosystem of my gadgets universe.

I am someone who believe in using appropriate device for specific purpose, using an Android phone for personal use, Blackberry for professional use, an iPod for music, an iPad for reading,surfing etc., a wi-fi HD media player for watching his favorite movies, a PSP for gaming and lest I forget my PC!

Many a times my friends ask me why I need all this to which I answer “I set up my devices to stream my media directly from my laptop to my media player; access my laptop homescreen remotely through my iPad, use the Android for the apps and portability and Blackberry for speedy communications”

All in all, I have a reason for each device being there, and justifies it by running most of them simultaneously!

A very old snap. The pic displays Sony Bravio High Definition TV, 19'' Bright View LCD Monitor, Papa's Lapy & the brain My Desktop. All display units synchronized with HDMI video cables and is connected to Sony 7.1 Digital Home Theater System. The game played is NFS Pro Street ;)

The Tweaker

A Druggie, this is what I am for my proud gadgets, or as they say in the Queen's language -- I'm the Tweaker!

Leisure is not what I get so easily, but when I have it I spend hours trying to run multiple operating systems on my PC (Win7, Ubuntu and MacOS anyone?); or try to upgrade my phone from the existing firmware to a newer release -- supported or not!

I learn from my gadgets and they learn from me, we have the same personality traits we try to make each other better by enhancing the other thus making ourselves a far cry from the others.

Ubuntu Mobile 9.04 running on my Nokia N900

My sense of fulfillment comes from pushing my device to do something it wasn't intended or designed for ( Check out, How I OverClocked 3.2GHz AMD Processor to 6GHz using Liquid Nitrogen ! ) , I pride myself in taking up challenges and reporting to the developer community of my findings.

These are the truly gifted addicts; I follow my instincts and knowledge to get what I crave for and thus elevate my freak positioning :)
Some recognition given for helping Open Source community grow :)
( Top - Google Goodies : Bottom- FireFox Goodies )

Innovator for the Better

I have worked on gadgets that are socially useful and aren't so known as party and funny gadgets. I tried to make these gadgets practical and they are built for people with disabilities. These were a part of my project during my college days :
  1. Braille Device : The Braille Display gives a blind person a platform to use standard computers or PDA devices. It works by using Braille’s Display; It raises small dots through a flat surface thus creating a Braille which can be used as user input. So a blind person will be able to normally use a computer , making notes, playing music , etc.
  2. Alerting gadgets : This helps a deaf person to normally respond to sounds near him, like an alarm, a baby crying or a doorbell. This is made possible due to alerting systems, which will send a signal in case of an alerting sound; the signals may be audible with an increased amplification or may be monitored with a flashing light.
Collaborating on projects in college to bring a change for the better !

The Perfectionist

I am a precisionist, so I want my devices to be perfect, and getting perfect devices is not a piece of cake, getting exact things is an outcome of rigorous research of weeks. Once I find the most suitable device for me, be it hard disk, a phone, a camera or a laptop it follows with another research of getting best deal for it!

Snapshot of my Desktop ( Dell Studio 15 ) : Customized using RainMeter : The Perfect Desktop

Curious about the center arc ? : http://customize.org/thumbnails/medium/85594.jpg

( Click on Image to Enlarge )

The Oh!Shiny!-ist

I am and updated person and hence I love my gadgets being upgraded! Everytime there is a latest version I have my eyes on it no matter my present device is only a few months old. I am one of those dell’s dutiful fan, who have almost every persistent Dell series. I never fail to upgrade my cell phone, as soon as I have funds for it, I go ahead with it.

Who does not like a shiny look? Be it in personal life or gadgets, I love what is with elegant features and exquisite looks. I am among those who gets easily captivated with the design of the object, If its new and handsome I have my eyes on it. These days I have my eagle eyes on Dell’s new series XPS 15Z :).

My Dear Dell Studio Laptop with Backlit Keyboard ! Shiny ! Huh :)
( Stolen on 30th May 2K11)

To conclude

As a gadget freak I own all of the above characteristics and my appetite for gadgetry is mostly insatiable.

If I bought that latest laptop with a multi core processor with infinite threads, I'm the king of the world for the next few weeks. Once I have that I start looking at how my PC is falling behind in front of my hunger for POWER and if I had a super computer, life would be simpler.

I'm a freak and I'm addicted, I'm contributing to evolution, for the CHANGE !

Want some 'CHANGE' ? Check out Dell Inspiron page and feel the 'CHANGE' :)

Thanks Rediff