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Apple Released App Mac Store, Hackulous announced Crack for it

How about browsing through the online App store looking for your favorite apps and downloading it directly to your main desktop ? I am sure that those who have firsthand experience of iTunes Apps store will vouch for it. You know it is much cheaper too :)

The most anticipated MAC apps store got open few months back which looks very exciting to say the least. Apple decided to open apps store for their main OS Snow Leopard after the unprecedented success of iTunes Apps store. Many may not be aware that MAC app store is not the first App store for a mainstream OS, few month back, Google released their App Marketplace of for Chrome OS but nobody talked about it since the apps were not exciting initially.

To purchase apps from MAC store you need to upgrade the Snow leopard OS (Combo download is more than 1GB). Apps are much cheaper than buying from a “real” Apple Store.

Within a few hours of the release of Apple’s MAC apps store a Hacker called Dissident of Hackulous announced a crack called “ Kickback” which enables to download the apps free, but he added that it will be released to public only if Apple won’t yield to his demand of 24 hours free trail of all apps available on the stores. We need to believe him since Hackulous cracked Apple’s DRM earlier.