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Apple's CDMA iPhone with Personal Hotspot

Few months back, Apple released much awaited CDMA iPhone for Verizon ending the exclusivity of AT&T. Who has gained and who lost in this deal? Definitely Apple is going to sell millions of iPhone again and Verizon is going to gain too. The looser here may be Google and Android! As most of you know Verizon is the biggest supporter of Android so far and with the introduction of iPhone into Verizon network Android is going to get less priority from Verizon. So watch out as the story unfolds. As AT&T chief declared that AT&T is bigger than iPhone, Android may prove that it is much bigger than Verizon.

The most exciting feature for CDMA iPhone announced is the much awaited support for personal hotspot! It can support upto 5 wi-fi devices! So you and your friends can enjoy surfing in their Laptop / iPad while travelling with iPhone firmly tucked in your pocket. As you know it is not a new feature Nokia smart phones and Android was supporting it for more than 1 year back and you have plenty of apps to do it like Joikuspot.

Apple is expected to release a new firmware update to support Personal Hotspot for all iPhones. So finally we get it on this “Jesus phone” which was long term enjoyed by Cydia followers.