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Apple Working on a Small iPhone [Rumor]

It was well known for months that Apple was going to announce a revamped MobileMe and iPad 2.0. But nobody talked about a small iPhone with no internal storage until last week. Now it looks like a natural outcome of a revamped MobileMe. The upcoming iPhone Nano depends on MobileMe for storage and this opens Cloud Computing to masses and heralds the era of Cloud merges with Mobile. This in turn opens up lots of opportunity for apps hosted in Cloud (MobileME) !!

Nokia Elop Elopes to Microsoft taking Windows 7 Mobile to Nokia smart phones. RIM plans to run Android apps in their Tablet. These are all going to change the mobile landscape in the coming years. So we cannot ignore Winmob 7 and infact it is really getting its due with their partnership with Nokia. After seeing a flood of iPhone imitation GUI in other phones (Android included) you will see a refreshing change in Winmobile 7 GUI. Very simple and attractive and yet very functional. MS master piece!