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Car to Car Networks

In your daily driving you would have wished to have the ability to see around the corners. NXP and Cohda Networks promise this ability in the coming years.

By 2014 cars will be able to talk to each other in such a way that they can alert other cars on the road of impending traffic, accidents or merely that an ambulance is on its way. That’s the vision of NXP, a semiconductor company. (http://www.nxp.com/news/content/file_1898.html)

The concept - co-developed with Australian-based Cohda Wireless and called the C2X platform - that is already undergoing field trials rather than just a figment of someone’s imagination, aims to create a gigantic car-to-car network and car-to-infrastructure network so information can be quickly passed around.

C2X communication uses IEEE802.11p, a wireless standard designed specifically for automotive applications to communicate with each other (car-to-car) as well as with intelligent traffic infrastructure (car-to-infrastructure) in things like traffic lights or street lamps. The newly developed C2X platform from NXP and Cohda actually "sees" around corners in order to recognize traffic blocks or risks before they are visible to the human eye. Drivers therefore receive early warnings of cars hidden from sight behind trucks or approaching from around corners. Other use cases are warnings about emergency vehicles and traffic jams, or traffic light signals allowing drivers to adjust their speed and optimize driving. To know more read http://www.cohdawireless.com/applications/dsrc.html