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Pioneer App Radio : Car Stereo for Smart Phone Users

Pioneer App Radio is a car stereo for smart phone users. Pioneer Apps Radio gives touch control interface which is tightly integrated with Apple iPhone and if you do not have an iPhone, look elsewhere while shopping for a car stereo. It spots a VGA resolution screen and can be easily fitted into a car.

AppRadio will also be able to take advantage of the smartphone's Google Maps data, as well as utilize the iPhone's iPod-out function for navigating media stored locally on the iPhone.

Once your new car is wired Pioneer App Radio, be sure to look for a car insurance option that covers everything you need. Remember that car insurance is not used just for driving, it also covers your goods inside your car.

There is also a Bluetooth connection for hands-free calling, a GPS antenna which improves the smartphone's location accuracy, an AM/FM radio, and a video input for use with an optional rearview camera. But there is no support for any sort of CD/DVD transport, a standard USB connection, and auxiliary audio input.