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Helo TC iPhone Controlled Toy Helicopter

If you already own an iPhone and want to buy a cheap but very attractive gift for your kid look no further get one Helo TC iPhone controlled Helicopter.

Riffin has introduced an R/C helicopter, the Helo TC, which can be controlled by any iOS devices. Like many ultra-micro size helicopters, the Helo uses a coaxial rotor design with counter-rotating blades to improve stability and eliminate the need for a complex control system. You can choose to tilt the iOS device or use a virtual joystick to move the helicopter forward, backward and side to side.

The Helo TC app works in conjunction with a "Flight Deck" accessory that clips onto the iOS device and plugs into the headphone port. Commands are communicated via infrared signals, requiring you to maintain a clear line-of-sight between the controller and the helicopter.

You can store up to three flight plans to repeat flight routes, while an auto-land mode is designed to bring the helicopter down safely using a single button. The app supports three channels when multiple helicopters are used in the same area. And all this is yours for a mere $49/-