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iPhone as a Universal Remote for Tata Sky

Tata Sky has recently launched a new application for iOS devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad), which enables users to convert it into a universal remote control, by attaching an additional accessory to headphone jack. It offers the programming listings for TV channels, it allows us define a room and configure the equipments in the room, TV, STB, DVD player, Amplifier etc. It also allows you to share what you are watching on social networks Facebook and Twitter. Moreover you can record your favorite program from anywhere provided you have Tata Sky+ or HD+ (PVR) so you will never miss your favorite program again!

The app is divided in to 3 portions, programming guide, remote and settings. Using settings tab you can define rooms and the devices it has and configure them. Once you select the TV make (brand ex: Sony) you need to scan and find out which options work with your TV. Do not expect the model numbers like what you would have come across the Logitech Harmony remote control apps. This is a basic program, so expect very less sophistication.

The IR transmitter costs Rs 350/-