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Wantz.it : Turns the Entire Web into Your Wishlist

Now here’s a service that lets you broadcast what you want to the whole world. Wantz.it is a free web application that lets you create lists of what you want and then share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and blogs. One of the better things about this wish list service is that you can add anything on the web to it. Just enter the URL and it gets added to your wishlist. From twitter and delicious just put @dowant.

Wantz.it is a way to make sure that your friends know what you have your eye on. If you choose to link your Facebook account, the items you add on the list appear on your friends’ feeds too. Our suggestion couldn’t have come at a better time too – your friends and family won’t have to scramble around guessing what you’d like for New Years! So go ahead and put the HD 5970 on your wishlist. If you’ve been good all year, maybe Santa will steal a piece for you.