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Mapmy India Carpad

Mapmy India Carpad is a next generation navigation devices which is actually a 7” Android Tablet with 3G wireless connection optimized for car navigation. It is optimized to mount on the windshield or the back of the head rest in a car. It includes Wi-Fi, 8GB SD card memory, pre-installed MapmyIndia Navigator Aura, as well as Car-kit and cost your Rs 22000/-.

The navigation system has the following features

  1. Live turn-by-turn voice guidance to places, 3D landmarks, house-level details, travel guides, nearby information, friend finders
  2. Call, message, mail and chat, browse the web, use social networking sites using in-built 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  3. Listen to FM Radio and music, watch movies and YouTube, flip through photos and Flickr, record videos.
  4. It has 2MP camera so that you can do video recording if required.

Since it is a tablet it can double up as in car entertainment and a basic productivity tool.