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Real Time Analytics - ActivePivot

Quartet FS, a specialist provider of Business Intelligence and analytics technology launched ActivePivot 4.0 in 2010. ActivePivot is a real-time, in-memory analytics and object orientated OLAP aggregation engine and this latest version includes major performance enhancements, new functionality and stronger integration with Microsoft. Designed for knowledge workers, ActivePivot 4.0 enhances productivity by allowing users to make better decisions and take actions based on timely insight and data.

The enhancements in version 4.0 have seen ActivePivot’s internal data structures rewritten, underpinned bymulti-coreprocessor technology,for even better performance and reduced memory footprint. The transaction pipeline in ActivePivot 4.0 has also been rewritten to greatly improve throughput of the number of fact insertions and updates per second. Unlike relational database solutions, ActivePivot 4.0 responds to queries in a split second when subscribing to real-time market data, grid computing updates or electronic transactions. As a result, the user experience is greatly enhanced and the quality of data available is improved.

In terms of new functionality, ActivePivot 4.0 is better integrated with Microsoft with support for Excel 2010 and access to the ActivePivot real-time streaming API available from the .NET framework through a collection of extendible web services. As a result, ActivePivot can now be integrated into organizations’ .NET user facing applications creating richer, more customized interfaces.

ActivPivot fuses several key capabilities:
  1. Real time end-to-end push. The ActivePivot data cube is automatically updated whenever data is added or modified in the back-end. Data is pushed to the front-end client to ensure real time analysis of the most up-to-date data.
  2. Complex business logic. ActivePivot applies any required business rules and calculations on aggregated data. It can create new dimensions, apply non-linear calculations and perform complex vector-based calculations like VaR.
  3. What-if analysis. ActivePivot lets you manipulate data and perform instant 'What If' analysis on large data volumes to evaluate alternative scenarios and reach informed business decisions.
  4. Rapid integration. ActivePivot does not require new databases, and easily fits into your existing architecture. It can be fed directly through source systems, distributed cache, messaging queues, various file types, or relational databases.

About Quartet FS

Quartet Financial Systems (FS) was started by a group of former co-workers in the US and Europe, each with 20 plus years experience in developing, distributing and implementing capital market systems, in response to a demand by industries with complex business models and timely decision-making requirements providing best real time analytics. Each partner brings specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of the capital markets industry, comprehensive technical skills and deployment experience. In contrast with so many other software development companies, Quartet FS doesn't just ship software; Quartet FS delivers a working solution to their clients and follows through from initial delivery to knowledge-exchange to implementation. To date, Quartet FS has worked largely with the financial sector but its technology crosses many disciplines including risk management, e-commerce, transportation, telecommunication, logistics, and of course financial markets, all of which demand accurate and current information to perform real-time analysis and render timely decisions.