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Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

If you are avid reader and want to have flexibility to read in any position (ex: lying down) there is no need to look elsewhere, go for Kindle Touch. If you prefer to read books in Sunny daylight nothing can beat Kindle Touch. Kindle Touch 3G is a 6” multi touch eBook reader which is very comfortable to hold and comes with an e-ink display and appears like a real paper which does not use any backlit and reflects light like a normal paper.

It has 4GB internal memory to hold more than 3000 books. With a single charge the battery can support you for two months in standby mode. It is very light like a book weighing just 0.221kg, so you can use it for long hours.

Kindle Touch 3G / Kindle Touch feature a full touchscreen display that allows page turns, navigation and note-taking. You can call up built in dictionary by Tapping an unknown word, highlight sections of text to send to a friend, or search, shop and type with a virtual keyboard which pops up when required. For easy page turns you can tap in any part of the screen instead of swiping, this allows to hold and use it with one hand. You can download the books on the go using its Wi-Fi or 3G. So you will never miss a book you want to read.

It support different fonts and has note taking features unlike conventional books J It also supports real page numbers (irrespective of the difference in screen size and the book) to match with the printed book so search becomes more easier if you have both eBook and a hard copy. It makes use of Amazon cloud support so that your customized book with notes can be downloaded or shared with anybody, anywhere anytime. There are millions of books to download and give access to newsstand where you can buy various magazines. You get free preview of the first chapter of any book to help the purchase decisions. In US you can borrow book form Public Library using Kindle.

Moreover it comes with a text to speech convertor to “read it to me” and an experimental web browser.

For more details visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005890G8O/ref=famstripe_kt3g