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How Apple is Dominating Holiday Wish Lists

While dozens of new gadgets have hit the market this year, there seems to be only one thing on every one's mind this holiday season: Apple. Tech enthusiasts, young kids, and working professionals are all interested in having Apple gadgets wrapped for them underneath the tree, and most holiday wish lists are heavy with the company's most popular devices. The most highly sought after Apple devices this year include:

The iPad 2

There have been several eReaders released this year, such as the Kindle Fire and Nook Color, that are less expensive than the iPad 2 and have 3G capabilities, but it doesn't matter. Everyone still wants the iPad 2. The iPad 2 may not be as affordable as other eReader and tablet options, but it is the original and still has the best display and largest app market. The built in Wi-Fi also makes it easy to use without having to worry about a wireless network adapter.

The iPod Touch 5th Generation

Due to the iPhone, the desire for the iPod has considerably dwindled; however, for younger kids who still aren't ready for a cell phone, the iPod touch is a highly sought after item. Starting just under $200, the iPod Touch grants users access to their iTunes at all times, allows you to check your e-mail, watch movies, take pictures, and record HD video. The iPod Touch is literally an iPhone without the ability to make a phone call.

The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S, in spite of the disappointment that it brought upon its release, is still one of the most sought after items this holiday season. Thanks to the release of Siri, the iPhone 4S has become incredibly popular, and those seeking a smartphone upgrade are definitely seeking the newest edition to the iPhone family. So if you've got someone on your list that is old enough to be responsible for it, whether it be a high school student or your spouse, consider giving them the hottest phone of the year – the iPhone 4S.
If you are down to do some serious shopping this holiday season, don't skimp on the gifts. Give your loved ones, whether they be tech lovers, avid music lovers, or someone who would simply really enjoy a tablet, the Apple devices they want.