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Nook Color eBook Reader (Barnes & Noble)

If you like to read the books and magazine in color and wants a dedicated eBook reader then Nook Color is for you. Nook color uses 7” LCD display with IPS technology similar to iPad so that you have a wide viewing angle. Since it does not use e-ink technology it is not easy to read during bright sunlight and not very suited for long duration of reading due to glare.

It is light but weights almost double of Kindle Touch with 420 grams. It comes with a 8GB memory and is expandable to 32GB using SD cards. It comes with a support for both ePub and pdf formats and rich in multimedia features, video, photos and music. It also supports Internet radio with some built in applications. In short it is more than an eBook reader but not as good as a Tablet. The drawbacks are mainly less battery life (8 hours) and high price $240/-, but with Amazon Kindle Fire priced at $199/- , Nooks loses its shine.