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Sony 3D Camcorder & Lytro Camera

Sony 3D Camcorder

Most of you may have already own a 3D TV and now must be searching for 3D content. There are a few Blu-Ray movies available in 3D format. How about shooting your family vacation or a family function in 3D?

Sony has released a 64GB Flash Memory 3D camcorder and is available in India too. The HDR-TD10E Handycam® camcorder utilizes two FullHD sensors for capturing true 1920x1080 3Dvideo delivering an immersive 3D experience, as well as Full HD 2D video.

View 3D and 2D videos directly on its generous 3.5(8.9cm) LCD display no glasses required (while viewing in the builtin display). Watch all 3D video in 2D as well. It cost you RS 85K approximately.

Lytro Camera

Lytro camera is a revolutionary product which is going to change the way we look at photos. So far we focus the camera while shooting. Lytro is a focus free camera and the photos it takes can be focused anywhere you like and zoom in too. In other words pictures can be refocused on the fly, Lytro calls “living pictures” It is better to visit their site to learn the concept https://www.lytro.com/living-pictures/282 - It is amazing.

The first version of the camera may not take excellent pictures but it proved a point and by the time the version 2 comes out all others will compete to launch a similar product.