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Gadget Gifts for Geeky Girl

You might be puzzled as to what to get for your geeky girl. You need to be sure that you pick up the right gift to make her happy. And if you are still to buy the gift then you are on the same page as most of the other guys round the globe. But you need not panic; we have come to your rescue! We have brought you some hot and fresh ideas to woo your lady love. And we are quite sure that these ideas will definitely get you a few cookie points on the cards. Do not make the mistake of bargaining on the money for a cheap gadget which might not last longer than a month. So do not even venture that avenue. As it is picking up a gift for you loved one is like a walk on the ice, and if your chick is a gadget geek then my friend you are walking on wafer thin ice here, there is no chance of error. So here are enlisted some amazing ideas :

(1) Instant mobile printer for your Polaroid: Polaroid brings you an amazing easy to use portable and equally stylish mobile printer called the Polaroid PoGo. This user friendly device helps you to share your images easily and more importantly instantly, just like your old Polaroid did. And what else it would fit in her purse, so when she unwraps the gift you can see her smile at the thought that you must love her like crazy to think that bringing this gift has already checked off ‘running around to get a print for her vacation photos’ from her to-do list. Also do not forget that this will also let her print your cosy pictures sans the embarrassment of printing them from a shop for the little scrapbook of hers’.  

(2) Bluetooth kit: If your girl has to spend a considerable amount behind the wheel and she has all sorts of important calls coming to her then this might as well be one of the perfect gifts for her. This kit from BlueAnt is a perfect combination of style and safety. This device can be clipped to the visor of her car and then it will work as an audio controlled Bluetooth speaker. This device works with voice commends which means that she just has to order away to answer or disconnect her call without completely taking her mind and eyes off the road. It is a romantic gift to get for her and a hug is guaranteed after she sees this.  

(3) Wireless Key Finder: How much ever smart and intelligent your girl might be, she is always forgetful about her keys, they are women who will forget the key, they are programmed for that and nothing would sweep her off her feet as much as a wireless key finder. It works on the same principle as your car keys. You get a ring in which the keys are to be put into and carry the main transmitter, and if the keys are anywhere within 60 feet radius she will hear a beep (loud enough) on pressing the button. It has a great reception power, and the best thing is the package come with an extra receiver so in case if she loses something more often she could use it for that.