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Internet Service Providers Against Piracy

Right to copyright lawsuit has gone viral all over and according to an online report, soon your Internet Service Provider could be a watchdog for any pirated download related to film and recording industry. There are many ISPs soon to be coming on a close agreement with entertainment industry to observe your internet usage and penalize you if any out of order activity is monitored in your way of using internet, some of the major US ISPs close to this agreement are AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. According to CNET, the upcoming plan to be finalized has terms to have an acceptable response from users to stop using pirated content on the internet. Penalties could include a control in bandwidth and restriction to your web access.

The path to control piracy includes scrutinizing the web usage if only copyright material is distributed over peer-to-peer file sharing or not. The companies would then detect the burglars scattering the material by their IP address and will alert the ISP about the convict. The ISP would then send a Copyright Alert, cautioning you about your actions and penalizing you if it happens on a repeated basis. Much of this is already in place, but in practice, war against piracy is not so easy to win. People are slowly moving towards free distribution of music, open source software and developing software for charity.

Reeducation camp

If the warnings are ignored by a faulty user then he could face restrictions on his internet service until the illegal downloads and trading of the copyrighted files is not discontinued. If still a user ignores all the warnings then the ISP could ask him to take part in a program that coaches him on "copyright law and the rights of copyright holders."

The process for the recuperation after completing the copyright reeducation camp is still not in papers. But probably the ISP restrictions would not be lifted till you won’t prove yourself innocent and commit your love for Big Brother and the Party.

CNET further told that the White House seemingly came forward in inspiring the ISPs and the entertainment industry to come to an antipiracy agreement.

This may not be the first time we are hearing about the antipiracy campaigns. In December 2008 also such statements were made by Recording Industry Association of America, that it would start working with US ISPs to track down copyright offenders. Under that plan also similar points came into picture of ISPs sending warnings if they track a person with copyright infringement and if he chose to ignore the warnings then his internet services would be suspended. In the year 2009, it was confirmed by PCWorld that AT&T, Comcast and Cox are working in some combat piracy assignment

The latest “graduated response" plan apparently do not plans to be strict enough to cut off the internet access for customary pirates. Although it is judged by United Nations Report to cut down an offenders Internet access through three strike laws and graduated response. Those penalties violate international treaties of human rights . . However, it is said that private corporations will not be affected by such laws only an individual will have to abide by the rules.

Even if the Government actions do not come into picture the entertainment industry will surely be able to lay adverse attempt on your internet usage.