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Mobile + Internet = 'Fun & More'

Last night I had this weird dream that I am the man of Temple Run game and running like anything, panting till my last breath, crossing the bridges, collecting coins, getting super powers, it was so much thrill with all the adrenaline rush rushing through my veins . But wait, where are the ghosts? I can see nobody following me, why the hell was I running all the time? In an instant I was turned from a hero to a psycho, running aimlessly. Suddenly a ping from a friend woke me up! I ignored the ping, quickly opened Temple Run and was teary eyed, when I saw the ghosts didn’t leave me in the Game (I am not this sentimental all the time).

Mobile without Internet = Temple Run without Ghosts

Ok! Enough of sentiments, but you know one thing I realized, my phone without Internet will be like Temple Run without ghosts chasing you, Angry birds with no enemies to shoot at, Talking Tom without the tom.

I must say, “Internet is fun on my mobile” is an understatement, as it is super-duper fun! No Internet means No Games! No Music! No tagging! No IM! NO NOTHING! I pray to God don’t make me see a day without mobile internet. The world is in the Internet, and Internet is in my mobile, transitively world is in my pocket.

Even if I don’t have enough balance in phone to call, I make sure to have enough Mb’s in phone. On a serious note I think every person should have Internet activated on phone, for security issues, you see, you cannot make a call every time but you can always ping or, if you are stuck in a traffic jam you can always ping the person and don’t make him wait, or even if you are abducted you can always be traced from your location, or if you get lost in the woods you can always make your way through Google maps.

Anyways coming back to a normal world where you are not kidnapped or lost in a jungle, but a scenario when your boss comes and yells at you for just anything, you can always open up a job search website and make yourself at ease or even play “whack your boss”! (If you haven’t downloaded it yet do it, play it, I am sure you will reach a state of tranquility). 

Whack Your Boss - Anytime Anywhere De-stress

And one thing not to miss is you can always change your relationship status on the go (Don’t take it literally I am a one woman guy just keeps on switching my status between “it’s complicated” to “single”). I admit that I had spend many lazy days, but with Internet on my phone I never have a boring day! My mobile became my second best friend from the day Internet is activated on it (The first is obviously Internet I have in it).

Changing Relationship Status on the GO !

My Mom always says not to talk to strangers, but in my “no mobile Internet” phase of life I was left with no option but to ask strangers “Score kya hua boss?”, but now I obey my Mom and keep an eye on scores even during commuting. One tip I would like to give all the readers , always tag yourself before you enter a bar.Then drink assured,some friend will come to pick you up when you are totally wasted. This works for me all the time.

Help your friends find you when you are drunk and down on road !

Ever got into a fight with auto-wala reg his meter tampering or over charging ? Well mobile has just the perfect app for the same - Tuk Tuk Meter. It uses your GPS to calculate the exact fare you need to pay to an Auto Wala. Makes Sense ? Yeah ! :) All possible due to Mobile Internet !

Mobile Internet - Saving you against Over Paying Auto Drivers

Can you give me a count of people not existing out there in the virtual world? Not much right? In Real world we have a personal life and a professional life but virtually we have a Facebook life and a LinkedIn life and obviously Google plus life, Twitter life, MySpace life and other such lives some of which I don’t even remember but I am a registered user of. Mobile Internet takes me a bit closer to my virtual life. Sharing pictures of the party we had last night or watching the video of the funniest part of a movie we recently watched and commenting on it makes us enjoy that moment again with our best of friends.

Mobile Social Web & Networking - The Necessity of Modern World !

Making bets on silliest of things and Goggling instantly to find out who wins it, forgetting all the shopping and searching on the Internet for the song being played in the mall, finding the best price of a gadget over the Internet to bargain with the shopkeeper and many more such instances are the little moments of fun we have all the time due to Internet.

Do you know 86% of mobile users are watching TV over their Mobile phones, 200+ million access Facebook from their mobile device, one half of all local searches are through mobile phones, 200+ million YouTube occur on mobile phones every day. With such huge statistics and many more facts I am sure that mobile Internet fun is getting quadrupled every day.

And guys I am not sure but I guess 50% of the people reading this post is through Internet over their mobile phones ;)

Still away from mobile internet ? Seriously ? :O
Try Vodafone Live and bring the fun in your life !