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WinX DVD Copy Pro - Decrypt / Backup DVDs

We bet, there must be a time when you got frustrated due to a scratched DVD not working. May be it were the kids who ruined the records of your marriage video or the animated movie DVD you bought for them by playing and scratching the disks. We all learn the hard way, that backups are must to safe guard your precious memories and collection.

Digitary Software has launched a new DVD copy software, so now you have to keep aside the tensions of your favorite movie, or a family picnic DVD getting scratched. WinX DVD Copy Pro is designed for DVD backups. You DVD can be converted into an ISO or MPEG-2 type.

No matter what kind of DVD you are having, WinX DVD copy Pro takes care of all copy protection obstacles and scratched DVD’s.

Digitary’s product WinX DVD Copy Pro is by far best among the DVD copy software I have used till now, it copies quickly and the result is proficient. It is one of the must haves that should be in your system, especially if you are a regular user of physical media.

WinX DVD Copy Pro promises to handle all kinds of copy-protection obstacles, including Disney Fake, Sony ARccOS, and even scratched media. Isn't that breaking the law? Eh, I keep reading conflicting reports about that. All I know is, if I own a DVD, I should have the right to make a backup copy, as long as it's for my personal use.

Like other Digiarty products I've used (most notably the company's WinX DVD Ripper Platinum), WinX DVD Copy Pro works quickly and efficiently. It's a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

Let's dig in to some awesome features of WinX DVD Copy Pro :
  1. Use of Advanced and Unique Technologies
  2. Prestissimo copy engine inside WinX DVD Copy, could remove kinds of region protection and most of DVD restrictions.
  3. Supports all SCSI, IDE, USB DVD burners/recorder on the marketing. No ASPI drivers needed.
  4. Please make sure that you have the Copyright of the DVD, or just for personal use, else you will meet some legal problem in some country.
  5. Duplicate DVD to Hard Disk and Burn DVD to DVD 
  6. Duplicate DVD disc from a DVD disc directly, real 1:1 perfectly copy.
  7. Copy the DVD or DVD disc which kept in DVD content folder to DVD disc, so that you can watch the DVD from a home DVD player.
  8. Burn a DVD-9 movie into one DVD-5 or two DVD-5s with all the special features, menus, subtitles & languages remaining.
  9. Remove region protection (Region-free) – Supports copy CSS, protected DVD movies, NTSC and PAL Movies.
  10. High Quality, Ease-to-Use and Fast Speed
  11. Remove unwanted subtitles/audios to increase quality.
  12. User-friendly interface are designed to make the DVD backup like A- B- C: select source, select target and copy.
  13. With the high speed DVD Copy Engine, it has the ability to backup DVD-9 disc within 30 minutes for full disc copy, and only 10-15 minutes for main movies copy.
That's a bucket of features to tackle all your DVD backup needs, isn't it ?