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Apple TV & iPad Camera, Audio & Video support

In this post, we will discuss about camera connection kit, digital audio video adaptor, in-ear headphones for iPad and give a quick look to Apple TV

Camera Connection Kit

As you know iPad is an excellent tool for seeing / editing your photograph. It really helps in showing your photographs to your friends instantly. But how to transfer the photos you have taken using your digital camera? Here camera kit comes handy. It helps you to connect the camera directly and transfer the photos or take out the SD card and insert it in your SD card reader which can be connected to iPad. Both ways it is easy to transfer the photos you taken using the digital camera.

Apple Digital AV (HDMI) adaptor for iPad

If you want to project your iPad screen to TV without Apple TV or other Airplay AVRs you need Digital AV cable. Basically it has dock connected at one end and other end has a HDMI connector which can be connected to TV using an HDMI cable. 30pin Dock connector is also extended to the other end of the cable so that you can charge your iPad while playing videos in TV without the risk of running out of juice.

There is unconfirmed report that the existing Digital AV adaptor meant for iPad2 is not working properly with 3rd generation iPad. It gives a message “unrecognized accessory” but if you go ahead and press OK it will display the image. Anyway new cables looks little different with more lengthy cables.

Apple In-ear Earphone with microphone

If you like to use Skype in iPad or make calls with Viber it is better to invest in an earphone / microphone. If you like to listen to music too in iPad it is better to invest in Apple In-ear earphone with microphone with built in remote for controlling your music playback or phone calls.

Apple TV

Using Apple TV you can wirelessly play the content in your iPad to HD TV at 1080P using Airplay. No need to run wires any more. Those who fiddled with DLNA for years will surprise to see how easy to work with Airplay. Just one click or touch and your screen appears in TV. It just works and so simple.

You can show your photos or play music too using Apple TV. Apart from iTunes related contents Apple TV supports lots of online contents like Netflix, You Tube and Vimeo etc.

But some these may not work in India. Apple TV is directly connected to iCloud, so that 1000 of your recent photos automatically appears in Apple TV, similarly you can access songs both purchased through iTunes and songs purchased sourced by other means can be accessed using match service etc.